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Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp


Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp - Episode 1

This is something you should take time to give a look on VH1 Classic. I almost was closed-minded to this latest Mark Burnett reality show, because the previews suggested to me a sad exploitation of middle aged wannabe rock stars. I was scared that I, who am of the same age group, would see myself in the program. When I tuned in, I was comforted to see substance, heart and fun as other viewers and I were promised guest stars along the journey. And Carrie Keagan, who has multiple hosting jobs on VH1 and other networks, steps it up and plays the role with personable charm and enthusiasm. But most importantly, you and I can learn some valuable lessons from those who know the music biz, and also get inside the heads of rock and roll dreamers. So, I am hooked. For now.

In this episode, you meet and get to know the campers (who of course, paid handsomely for the experience) and get to sit up front as they audition to be of three rock bands. Following the predictable formula that many reality shows have used in the past, the show can only have one band to rule the stage. Since they are at camp, they need camp counselors. And if you follow modern classic rock music, you will be pleased with who they are: Kip Winger, Rudy Sarzo, and longtime songwriter Mark Hudson.

Full disclosure: This full video comes directly from VH1, but when I first posted this in 2010, the best ingredient was missing! The songs! For some reason, they couldn't legally stream the music content, so they muted it. It was frustrating to hear the band announce, "And now we're gonna play 'I Want You To Want Me!'  One-Two-Three...."  And then, thirty seconds of silence would follow. 

Don't worry, the music rights issue has been resolved, but the reality stuff is still worth watching! Enjoy it!!



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